Conference Speakers

Victoria Anderson

Research Scientist
Anglo American Technical Solutions

Victoria is a Research Scientist working at Anglo American’s Technical Solutions; a support and research facility formed in 2005 from the merger of  Anglo Platinum Research Centre and Anglo American Research Laboratories. Having obtained an MSc from The University of the Witwatersrand, focusing on Catalysis, she joined Anglo American in 1998 and has enjoyed tackling the diverse assortment of analytical chemistry challenges faced by the mining industry. Starting her career working with geochemical exploration samples, she now spends more time analysing the final metals; having run the gauntlet of samples from most of the process chain for both iron ore and precious metals.

Barbara Badiello
Head of Laboratory

Barbara Badiello is the Head of Laboratory at PAMP SA since 2020. She graduated in Chemistry in 1994 and obtained her Master’s Degree in Science at the Insubria University, Italy, in 2000. In the same year she collaborates in Environmental Analysis Dept. at the same University. In 2002 she joined PAMP and since 2014 she has been appointed as Head of Analytical Techniques, responsible for the spectroscopy area within PAMP’s laboratory. Barbara represents PAMP as Referee at both LBMA and LPPM.

Enrico Cappellini
Commercial Director

Mr. Cappellini holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and an Executive MBA diploma from CUOA Business School. He has worked for 15 years in the Oil & Gas Processing Industry and has been involved in complex projects worldwide. He has extensive experience as Resident Manager and Commercial Manager in the USA, China and Australia.

Enrico joined IKOI as Commercial Director three years ago and is now active in the promotion of innovative technology for the precious metal industry worldwide.

Ruth Crowell

Chief Executive

Ruth was appointed Chief Executive of the LBMA in January 2014. She is responsible for the success and strategic development of the LBMA, in partnership with the Chairman and the Board. She is also responsible for maintaining accountability to and the quality of, the Association's Membership and Good Delivery Refiners as well as representing the interests of the Association in relation to regulators, investors, media and international precious metals markets.


Read her full bio here .

Charles Daoust

Manager of Assaying Services
Royal Canadian Mint

Charles Daoust is Professional Engineer and graduate from the University of Ottawa with a BASc in Chemical Engineer. He has since worked in construction project management before beginning his career at the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) in 2013. Charles’ focus was on operational/process health and safety, supporting the refining and bullion business line of the RCM before moving into operational roles. Staying true to being a ‘chemie’ at heart, now works as the Manager of Assaying Services.

Pankaj Deshmukh

Head - Assay Laboratory
MMTC Pamp India Pvt Ltd

Pankaj Deshmukh has headed up the Assay laboratory in MMTC-PAMP India since 2010. Pankaj holds a Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry and had over 17 years of experience in precious metal assaying. The Company is a joint venture between MMTC Ltd., India’s largest international trading company in the public sector and PAMP Switzerland, the world’s largest privately owned precious metals processing facility. Prior to joining MMTC-PAMP, Pankaj has worked and with Johnson Matthey in their ECT division as Lab-in-charge in Manesar, Gurgaon Plant and with Shirpur Gold Refinery Ltd. in its assay laboratory.

Alexandra Gavrilova

Head - Assay Laboratory
MMTC Pamp India Pvt Ltd

Alexandra graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University in 2005 (now known as Siberian Federal University) with a degree in International Economic Relations. In 2015 Alexandra joined Krastsvetmet team as International Relations Manager of Industrial Appliances Division. Alexandra was in charge of reference materials of precious metals sales, cooperation for round robin analyses held in national and international laboratories, and coordinated the project of reference materials production for LBMA. In 2020, Alexandra moved to the Refinery Division of Krastsvetmet as Key Account Manager and is in charge of precious metals export sales and market analytics. Alexandra is a participant of various international conferences, industry exhibitions, meetings where she promotes Krastsvetmet products and services, on-line webinars and represents the company as a speaker.

Neil Harby

CChem - Chief Technical Officer

As Chief Technical Officer for the LBMA, Neil’s responsibilities include acting as the Executive’s main contact for the Good Delivery system for GD Refiners, applicants and LBMA Committees. His duties include managing the LBMA Good Delivery accreditation system, including applications, Pro-Active Monitoring, Proficiency Testing and other GD related projects. The role also involves overseeing the work of the GDL Officer in the administration of the Good Delivery system as well as managing the implementation by gold Good Delivery refiners of the LBMA’s Responsible Gold Guidance and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the Good Delivery work carried out by the LBMA.


Read his full bio here .

Mike Hinds

MHinds Analytical Consulting Inc.

Mike enjoyed studying so much he obtained several degrees: B. Education 1979 (University of Regina, Canada), B. Science – Chemistry 1983 and Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry 1988 (University of Saskatchewan, Canada).  Between degrees he traveled and was employed as a teacher, laboratory instructor, and held various summer research positions.


In March 2020, Mike retired as Assay Chemist for the Royal Canadian Mint after 31 years.  During this time, he was involved in authoring 46 refereed journal articles, co-authored a textbook on Elemental Analysis (2019), and has given 42 invited conference presentations.  Upon retiring, he formed a consulting company that focuses on assaying issues.  He continues as Chair of the LBMA Reference Material Project Steering Committee and is on the teaching faculty of the XRF Short Course at Hamilton College, in NY (formerly at Western University, London, ON, Canada) since 2005.

Dr Jonathan Jodry

Head of Laboratories & New Business Development
Metalor Technologies SA

Based in Switzerland, Jonathan J. Jodry currently holds the position of Head of Laboratories & New Business Development at Metalor Technologies, a company he joined in 2009. In those roles, he is involved in the analytical activities of the LBMA GDL accredited laboratories of Metalor on three continents, as well as the development of new products and services for the company.

He is also heavily involved in trade associations, and is elected at the Management Committee of the LPPM (London Platinum and Palladium Market). He represents Metalor as one of the five referees appointed by both the LPPM and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), and is the current Vice-President of the European Chapter of the IPMI. Finally, Jonathan also chairs the ISO/TC 174, the technical committee writing international standards for precious metals, jewellery and gemstones. Jonathan got his PhD at the University of Geneva in 2000 in organic and supramolecular chemistry, before spending 8 years in Japan. He also holds two Executive MBAs from London Business School and Columbia University of New York.

Hitoshi Kosai

Chief, International Planning Office & Head of President’s Strategy

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. & TANAKA HOLDINGS Co. Ltd.

A graduate of Shizuoka University, majoring in Inorganic Chemistry, Hitoshi’s main roles since 2000 has been providing advice to the Management at Tanaka Holdings on international precious metals issues and representing Tanaka on a number of international precious metal organisations such as LBMA, LPPM, WGC, IPA, IPMI, PMC, OECD, etc. This has involved extensive travel throughout Europe and North America. 


In 2002, Hitoshi arranged for Tanaka to provide the LBMA (and the other new members of the referees group) with the technique for producing gold reference samples. Also as a member of the LBMA Referees Group, he has contributed to the technical development of the GD System including the introduction of Proactive Monitoring in 2004 and the introduction of Responsible Gold Guidance. Since its establishment in 2008, Hitoshi has been a member of the LBMA’s Reference Material Steering Committee. Tanaka produced the LBMA’s first gold Certified Reference Materials in 2009 and late last year was awarded the contract to produce the next set of silver Certified Reference Materials.

Leslie Liddiard

Non-Executive Director

Plasma Processing UK Ltd.

A mechanical engineer by profession, Les has over 30 years of experience with high temperature plasma applications - most significantly in the field of high temperature extraction metallurgy. His experience encompasses the design development, application and commissioning of high temperature plasma-based systems worldwide.  Les is currently a non-executive director of Plasma Processing UK Limited and also an executive advisor to one of China’s largest Environmental Corporations, a leading Fortune 500 Company.

Maarten Moens

Head of Analytical Laboratory
Umicore Precious Metals Refining

Maarten Moens obtained his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) in 2007. After working within the engineering department of Atlas Copco Airpower for a few years, he joined Umicore Precious Metals Refining in Hoboken, Belgium in 2011.  Within Umicore, Dr. Moens has been responsible for the precious metal part of the analytical laboratory for 7 years, before becoming Head of the analytical laboratory in 2017.

Michael Mooiman


Argo Advisors International

Mike has Master’s Degrees in Chemistry and Business, and a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering (University of Utah). He has spent most of his career in the extractive metallurgy and precious metal business starting as a gold miner in South Africa. He has served as VP Production and General Manager for Metalor Technologies USA and has published over 40 papers. He is also the holder of two US Patents for precious metal recovery. He is the President of Argo Advisors International, a consultancy and engineering company that specializes in the precious metals and extractive metallurgical industries.

Dr Belen Morales

Head of Analytical Services

Sheffield Assay Office

Dr. Belen Morales is Head of Analytical Services at the Sheffield Assay Office since 2014. She has over 18 years of experience in testing and validation of large range of materials. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Seville and a doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University in Materials Engineering. Before joining Sheffield Assay Office, Belen worked in a metal manufacturing company based in the North of England for 12 years where she progressed her career from testing to a Senior Manager in Business Development. Currently, Belen combines technical and commercial expertise to provide an outstanding level of service to her many clients in the precious and non-precious metals sector, with a broad range of other material industries from 3D printing to medical device manufacturers. She has been a Council member of the British Measurement Testing Association (BMTA) since 2016 as the voice for small chemical laboratories.

Dave Murray

Director, Metal Management

Asahi Refining Canada Ltd

David attended the University of Guelph (BSc) & York University (MBA) in Canada and joined Asahi Refining Canada Ltd. (formerly Johnson Matthey) in 1985. He started in the laboratory and now holds the position of Director, Metal Management.  David provides technical support to all of Asahi North America’s operations.  Over the past 35 years, he has held roles as Production Manager, Operations Manager, and Site Manager in both Canada and in the UK.  David has many years of experience in sampling, assaying and refining.

Stewart Murray

GDL Consultant


In 1989, he set up Gold Fields Mineral Services (GFMS) of which he was Chief Executive for the next nine years. GFMS continued the work of publishing the highly respected annual survey of the gold market which CGF had pioneered in the late 1960s. In 1995, GFMS was appointed by the Silver Institute to research and compile its annual survey of the silver market. Stewart’s own area of research at GFMS focused on the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent. Stewart’s earlier interest in base metals was reflected in his involvement over a twenty-year period with the World Bureau of Metal Statistics, of which he was chairman from 1989 to 1991. 

In October, 1999, he was appointed Chief Executive of the London Bullion Market Association. During his 14 years at the LBMA he introduced many developments to the Association’s Good Delivery system, which is arguably the core activity of the LBMA and widely regarded as its “crown jewels”. On his retirement as LBMA Chief Executive on 31st December, 2013, he established a precious metals consultancy, London Precious Metal Services Ltd, and he continues to advise the LBMA on Good Delivery questions in a consultancy capacity.

Dr Yukana Ohtani

Analysis Chemist

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.

Yutaka received a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering in 1992, a Master's Degree in 1994, and a PhD in 2005 from Tokyo University of Science. In 1994, he joined the Electroplating Engineers of Japan, and was initially assigned to the R&D Division where he focused on the development of precious metal plating. In 2008, Yukana transferred to the Laboratory Center of Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. And, in 2013, transferred to the Quality Control Section at the Isehara facility where he is engaged in the management of precious metal analyses.

Dr Mario Orsenigo

Chief Operating Officer


Mario Orsenigo is Chief Operating Officer at PAMP SA since 2020. He graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1997 at Polytecnic in Milan, Italy. In 2001 he joined PAMP where he covered different roles starting from Head of Refinery and Ecology, then he moved to India for 2 years in 2011-2012 to follow installation and start up of manufacturing site of the joint venture MMTC PAMP India Pvt. Ltd. In 2017 he got the Safety engineer Swiss Federal Diploma and was appointed as Head of Safety and Environment in PAMP.

Dr Alexa Paretzki

Group Lead, Solid-State Analytics, Department  Process Analytics

Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Alexa obtained her degree in Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart in 2010. Since then, she has worked as a Research Scientist at the University of Stuttgart from 2015 to 2017 before spending just over a year in the Department of Process Analytics at XRF-Group. She has worked as Group lead in Solid-State Analytics at Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG since 2018.

Varsha Peiris

Good Delivery List Officer


Varsha is the GDL Officer, and is primarily responsible for the administration of the LBMA Good Delivery System, including all GD applications, Proactive Monitoring, the Proficiency Testing Scheme and Reference Material. She is responsible for maintaining strong working relationships with vaults, members, refiners and others on issues relating to Good Delivery. She joined the LBMA in September 2009.

Riana Roussouw

ICP-MS Laboratory Manager

Stellenbosch University

After completing a masters degree in Geochemistry at Stellenbosch University in 2000, Riana was employed as manager of the Central Analytical Facilities ICP Laboratory at the same university. Over the course of 20 years, the laboratory has expanded to include XRF; Q-, SF- and QQQ ICP-MS instrument - as well as 2 laser ablation units - and the laboratory supplies an analytical service to environmental and geosciences research. Riana's focus is largely on laser ablation ICP-MS, be it routine whole-rock or mineral trace element analysis, as well as method development for biological or geochemical applications.

Alessandro Ruffoni

Analytical Techniques Manager

Argor-Heraeus SA

Alessandro Ruffoni has graduated in chemical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) and got his doctor degree at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

He has been working since 1988 at Argor-Heraeus in Mendrisio, where he has been responsible for the analytical techniques and presently cares for the environmental management.
He is sworn assayer and member of the ISO TC174/WG1 working group "Methods for determining fineness"; he has contributed with his team to the accreditation of Argor-Heraeus as LBMA Referee and to the ISO 17025 accreditation of the company's assay laboratory.

Hiroshi Sawai

Assay Chemist

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.

Hiroshi received a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Kansai University in 1984 and a Masters degree in 1986. He joined Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. in 1986, and was initially assigned to the Technical Department at Ichikawa Plant. In 1995, Hiroshi transferred to the Quality Assurance Section at the Ichikawa facility where he focused on the development of new assay methods. And, in 2007, he was transferred to the TKG Laboratory Center.

Alessia Sironi

Head of Laboratory

Valcambi SA

Alessia holds a university degree in Materials Engineering and a PhD in Mechanical Systems Engineering, both from Politecnico di Milano. Alessia joined Valcambi in 2007 as Technical Officer of Metallurgy and Heat Treatments in mechanical production. From December 2009, she served as Deputy Head of Foundry and Production Planning. In 2015, she qualified as an official Sworn Assayer and has held this role at Valcambi since September 2020. In October 2020, Alessia was appointed to the role of Valcambi's Head of Laboratory.

Madeleine Theron

Senior Manager: Laboratory

Rand Refinery (Pty) Ltd

Madeleine has 26 years’ experience in the mining and refinery industry in South Africa. These skills, together with a degree in Laboratory Management and a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, enables her to add immense value to the innovations needed in the refining industry. Her experience does not only include electro wining processes, but she also has extensive experience of the Minataur solvent extraction gold refining process. She played an integral part of managing the process analysis of the Minataur process when it was developed and implemented locally. 

Stefan Zorn

Head of Laboratories

Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG

Stefan started his career with Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG in 1982 in the analytical laboratory. After completing his training, he worked with fire assay, gravimetry, ICP-OES and Spark within the whole spectrum of precious metals. After gaining a great deal of experience in this area, Stefan became the manager of analytical services in 2000 and, in 2006, he took his current position as Head of Laboratories.

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